Which are the best paid and the most requested Jobs in BiH?

A steady increase in the number of workplaces has been recorded over the last three years, and according to analyses of portal Posao.ba for the year of 2017, the most requested are retailers, waiters, and hairdressers.

The highest offer of jobs is recorded in the area of Sarajevo (37.9 %), which represents a growth of 7.9 % in comparison to the same period last year, which is followed by Banja Luka with a share of 10.3 %, and Tuzla and Mostar with 7, 9 %.

According to the number of published job positions in the first half of 2017, there is an increased demand for hairdressers, waiters, and retailers. Among the top 10 most requested this year are also call-agents, a commercialist, a programmer, a chef, a stewardess, a driver and a security guard, and the best-paid position in this category for the first three months are programmer (1.350 BAM) and commercialist (800 BAM), while salaries for the other most wanted categories ranged from 500 to 550 BAM.

Most of the job competitions are in the categories of commercial, education, crafts, catering, economy, construction and IT, and the skills on which employers insist are the knowledge of foreign languages (the most requested is English language), the knowledge of computer work and the possession of a driver’s license.

“An increasing number of foreign companies consider recruiting workers from BiH, i.e. young people who speak foreign languages, especially English, German and Italian language,” stated the director of the operating company “Kolektiv”, Mersiha Mehic.

“We compared the number of announced job positions during the past three years and we concluded that the number of workplaces records a constant increase of 10 % per year,” said project manager in the company Kolektiv, Nermana Ajanovic.

(Source: Se. H./Klix.ba)

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