Berlin: 25 Tons of Humanitarian Aid for Tuzla

germanyA truck with 25 tons of humanitarian started from Berlin and is on the way to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Humanitarian aid involves several thousand gallons of water, several tons of flour sugar and salt, food for babies and children, diapers and toiletries.

In addition, 10 000 new high quality workwear was sent as help to Bosnia. The workwear was, in the first place, sent to volunteers who work daily to clean up flooded areas.

The humanitarian aid was collected by the Islamic Cultural Center of Bosniaks in Berlin (IKB), an informal group of “Heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, as well as the organizers of the Festival of New Art from Serbia “Serbinale” held in Berlin.

IKB has already sent 20 tons of humanitarian aid for Bosnia and Herzegovina. A truck with help from informal groups “Heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “Serbinalea” is also expected to arrive.

In addition, a humanitarian concert with performers from various European states was held also.

It was announced that the truck should arrive on Friday.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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