Interesting Story: What Belgians think about BiH?

belgiansBelgian media, before the match of their football team against BiH, analyzed our country.

In an extensive analysis done by journalists of Belgian portal ‘Sporza’, it was stated that Zlatan Ibrahimovic could, before he played for the national team of Sweden, play in the jersey of BiH because, as they said, his father is originally from BiH, and Zlatan expressed his desire to play in BH team at the beginning of his career.

They also added that this Balkan country has a river which is also called Bosna, and noted that the majority of last names in BiH end on “ic”.

Belgian journalists wrote that BiH has never won a medal at the Olympics, but that the national team of BiH in sitting volleyball won many medals.

They added that BiH has Oscar winner Danis Tanovic, whose film “No Man’s Land” won the first film award in 2001.

They emphasized that Olympic Winter Games were held in Sarajevo back in 1984, adding that BiH now consists of two entities.

They also mentioned that there are pyramids in BiH, emphasizing that they are not those from Egypt but, as they put it, “some overgrown hills that look like a pyramid.”

They also noted that BiH has representatives in the strongest basketball league in the world, the NBA.

“You’ve probably heard of Mirza Teletovic. He is currently playing in the NBA,” says the text, adding that BiH has several famous goal scorers, emphasizing Edin Dzeko.

“Tonight ‘Red Devils’ have to keep an eye on this man. Dzeko is a real machine,” said Belgian journalists.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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