Begović Broke Record of Premiere League and Scored Goal from the Farthest Distance

BegovicAmir Begović, the goalie of Stoke City and the goalie of the B&H football team, entered the record books on Saturday in the match against Southampton. He scored a goal from the farthest distance in the history of the Premiere League.

This was the fourth fastest goal in the history of the Premiership, and he managed to score a goal in 14 seconds of the match.

The ball entered the net guarded by goalie Arthur Boruc, allowing Begović to enter among the five goalies in the most elite football competitions in England who managed to overtake the goalies from the opposing team.

‘’I have never scored a goal, so this was excellent for me. I did not expect for the ball to enter the goal and when I saw behind the back of Boruc I thought, what? It looked a bit surreal’’, said Begović.


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