Begic: I am very proud to be part of Bosnian National Football Team


After several training sessions, tonight the U-17 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina will play a control match between themselves.

The goalkeeper coach in the BH cadet team, Nenad Džidić, tells about this national team’s action:

“A little heat disturbs us in our work, but the guys have a lot of will and desire, so the impressions from the preparations are positive. Everything is going in the best order and I hope that injuries will pass us by. It can be seen that the break, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, left a mark on the players’ shape. Now we have gathered only domestic football players, there is a lack of national team players from abroad. We will have them available until the qualifications, and when the championship starts, I hope that the boys will catch the rhythm and be ready when it is needed the most.”

The new face in the national team is midfielder Adin Begić, who does not hide his enthusiasm for the invitation to the preparations:

“I was invited to the national team for the first time and I am very proud to be part of the national team. The work is at a very high level and my impressions of this team are more than positive. The teammates are great, the coaches also, and everything is going as it should. I hope that in the future I will deserve the invitation of the head coach and that I will again have the opportunity to work in such a quality environment.”

Preparations of the U-17 national team players ended on Saturday.


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