Beauty of BiH: Is this the most beautiful Calendar in BiH? (Gallery)

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Printing company “AD Graf” from Visoko recently, in cooperation with BH photographers, implemented an interesting project that promotes the beauty of BiH.

This company made calendars for 2017, which include some of the most beautiful places in our country.

“This is the third year of our collaboration with our photographers. There are many beautiful places in BiH that we included on this calendar, which are just breathtaking. These calendars have been completed and everyone who want them can order them here,” said Armin Dzanko from the company “AD Graf”.

Otherwise, the calendar includes waterfall Bliha, Rama Lake, Grusca Polje (Visocica), Perucica, Kupres, Vranica, Lukomir, Babanovac, necropolis Radimlja, Tomislavgrad, fortress in Srebrenik and Blatacko Lake. Lovers of nature and other sites in our country know about what beauty is this all about.

Beneath each photo of a place or object on the calendar is a text that tells its history and attractions.

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