Beautiful Winter Scenery of Plitvice Lakes gathered the Stars of Instagram

The most visited Croatian national park Plitvice lakes offers a special ambience during the winter season.

The beautiful scenography of the famous lakes was in the full glory on Saturday, which made famous influencers from the social networks (mostly Instagram) very happy. Influencers came from Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine and Japan.

Plitvice lakes and surrounding attractions were selected for the winter edition of Croatian Instameet – large gathering of Instagramers and bloggers who are huge fans of traveling, fashion, nature…

Instagram was full of beautiful photos of Plitvice lakes from almost all the viewpoints (you can go and take a look at them on the hashtag #CroatianInstameet).

“Just look at this, it is fascinating and spectacular. I am in love,” wrote blogger Pavlo Fedykovych, who is specialized for the area of Central Europe and Ukraine, and he also writes for CNN Travel and Lonely Planet. He came to Croatia at the invitation of Domagoj Sever and Jasminka Djakovic.

Their campaign is still ongoing.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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