What is the most beautiful and the most well-preserved Facility from Medieval Bosnia?

travnik fortressFortress Stari Grad is one of the most beautiful and most well-preserved forts from medieval Bosnia in which the following historical periods left their specific marks.

In the historical sources known so far, there is no information about the year and duration of construction, or about the constructor.

Historians agree that the fortress was built in the second half of the 14th or the first half of the 15th century.

According to the manner of construction and other indications, it is assumed that constructor is King Tvrtko the Second Kotromanić, but another possible constructor might be the Kind Stjepan Dabiša.

Today’s look of the ramparts and fortress itself represents a result of interventions by Turkish masters of construction of military forts.

In 1953 the fortress was placed under the patronage of the Local Museum Travnik.

Thanks to the director of the Museum Stipe Lozić, activities conservation of the fortress began, including clearing, landscaping, archaeological and conservatory works.

Not long after the Stari Grad became the center of cultural and entertainment life of Travnik, where numerous visitors and tourists come.

In 1999 the process of reconstruction and revitalization of the fortress began.

The Stari Grad fortress now has the status of a national monument in BiH.


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