Beautiful Photo from Novi Travnik became viral!

There are numerous cities in BiH in which individuals are spreading positive and beautiful images of peace and mutual coexistence.

Three women, three directors of local kindergarten, are three women of different habits, educational methods, and they are sitting together and drinking a cup of coffee. Despite their differences, they have a common goal, and that is to raise the generation of children into a great young people.

The photo from Novi Travnik became viral, and the reason for that are three beautiful women, Huelya Rizvic, the Director of kindergarten “Sultan Fatih”, Ljubica Matosevic, the Director of kindergarten “Novi Travnik” and nun Benedikta Boskic, the Director of the kindergarten “Angels”. They are not teaching only children with this photo, but also those a lot older about a life that every one of us should live.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)




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