The most beautiful Image of BiH Today comes from Prijedor

June 27, 2017 8:30 AM

PRIJEDOR EidMaybe even the most beautiful image of BiH this time comes from Prijedor. Members of all constituent peoples celebrated the second day of Eid.

With traditional deserts, girls of different nationalities fully dressed in traditional costumes of this region, shared the joy of this holiday.

Both Serbian and Bosniak girls shared baklavas and lemonade to citizens of Prijedor. The goal was to share the joy of Eid with fellow citizens and to show that the diversity of culture shows the richness of spirit.

“In the past, we used to have a public celebration of Eid with baklavas, giving of Eid pocket money to young ones, but that custom is forgotten and we are trying to bring those values back. We wanted to affirm the values of Eid and take them to the streets of Prijedor so that all the citizens of Prijedor can feel the joy of this day and share it together,” said Omer Redzic, imam in Prijedor.

Although Prijedor is a town with very dark war past and a place of great suffering of Bosniaks in the last war and Serbs in the World War II, the Chief Imam says that the bright future of this community is possible and that it is on new generations to build it.

Husein Velic, the Chief Imam of the Medzlis of the Islamic Community in Prijedor, said: “Prijedor is a town with a painful and unforgettable past, a bloody past, but Prijedor is also a town of return, a town of reconstruction, and a town with a look to the future.”

(Source: Andjelka Markovic/N1)


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