Beautiful Bosnian has an interesting and unique Talent!

Antonija Sudic is a young girl from Siroki Brijeg and she has an unusual and unique talent. She can speak and sing with her mouth completely closed, which attracted a lot of attention on social networks.

“I studied biology and geography in Mostar, and I am not employed at the moment. I played volleyball from the age of 11 to 21, after which I became a volleyball referee, and I have been doing that for the past three years. I like spending time in nature and in the gym,” said this young girl.

“I published a video on Instagram and showed that I can talk and sing with my mouth closed. I cannot explain how I am doing it. I saw the singer Jessie J filling her mouth with air and then singing with her mouth closed on YouTube video. I tried to do the same and I’ve succeeded. I think that my habit to imitate people and their behaviour, as well as playing games like a pantomime, helped this ability,” said Sudic.

“Reactions are mostly positive, especially when people try and realize that they cannot talk with their mouth close. Everyone is asking me how I manage to do this and they find my talent cute and interesting,” said Antonija.

She publishes videos on her Instagram account from time to time, on which she sings with her mouth closed.

She likes to pose in front of cameras, and she even has acting experience.

She is planning to do what she likes and develop her career in the future period.

“I would love to do what I like, to act and be in front of cameras, to deal with modelling and become a TV host,” noted Sudic.

Take a look at her unique talent in the video:


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