BBM Company Starts the Gold Exploration in Bakovići

zlatoThe Government of Središnja-Bosna Canton, specificially the Ministry of Economy and the Company BBM d.o.o. Sarajevo will sign a contract on Monday, 21st October, on gold exploration at the area ofBakovići”, in Fojnica Municipality.

The Company BBM d.o.o. Sarajevo got concessions for exploration of gold at the area of  Bakovići, in municipality Fojnica, decision based on a public call issued by government of Središnja-Bosna Canton.

The selected company for the exploration activities on this area, according to the documentation will invest ten million BAM.

The concession for the exploration of gold is determined for a 3 year period, and the concessionaire is obliged to conduct geological research, to solve the property rights before entering the property, to obtain all the necessary permits and approvals for exploration of gold.


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