Bazdarevic: We are all with Spahic, it is important for him to keep training

Mehmed BazdarevicThe news that Emir Spahic is left without a club echoed like a bomb in BiH, and is certainly welcomed with a great regret by the coach Mehmed Bazdarevic.

However, as Bazdarevic said in an interview, the whole team and the Football Alliance will be with Spahic and try to help him in these hardest moments.

“I am sad to hear that, but it was to be expected. I talked with Emir five times after that scene and he is aware of what he did, but it was stronger than him. His action was human and somehow I can understand him. Now we have to help him, find a club in which he could train in order not to lose power“, said Bazdarevic.

Spahic got a breach of contract after Bayer Leverkusen conducted the whole investigation related to the incident at the stadium in which participated Spahic and his family. Rules are such that he cannot find a new club until the start of a transitional period.

“I am certain that Spahic  can certainly find a club in which he will train in order to be prepared for national team duties. We will not turn our back to him because he did not deserve it. This of course spoils our plans that we have set, but it is what it is“, added Bazdarevic.


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