Based on the natural increase, BiH will lose more than 20,000 Inhabitants by the end of the Year

Bosnia and Herzegovina records a negative natural increase every year. In the first six months of this year, the difference between the number of deaths and births was 13 thousand 306, and by the end of the year it is expected to exceed 20 thousand, which is three times more than three years ago.

Despite worrying data, Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have a strategy or adopted pronatality policy to stop the negative natural increase. Based on the natural increase, Bosnia and Herzegovina will lose more than 20,000 inhabitants by the end of the year, which will be an infamous record when it comes to the ratio of newborns and deaths, not counting migration, says demographic analyst and father of four Adnan Ferhatbegovic.

From the minus of 7,000 in 2018, the difference between births and deaths was in 2019 – 10,000, and in 2020 – 16,000. There is no basis for optimism in the coming period either, because the issue of negative natural increase cannot be solved by ad – hoc measures.

Attempts to resolve so far are far from sufficient, according to demographer Aleksandar Cavic. There is no strategy at the state or federal level or a competent ministry to deal with this issue.

Based on the document “Demographic Renewal of the Republic of Srpska”, the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports subsidizes housing loans, provides benefits and free textbooks for large families, a one-year maternity allowance for unemployed mothers.

According to the projections of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the Federation of BiH, with 2.1 million inhabitants, will have 1.6 million in 2070 last year.
The interlocutors note that the fall in birth rates was also caused by the fact that 300,000 young and educated people have left Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 10 years, BHRT writes.

More and more people are leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina, (BiH) and the real exodus is expected in the coming years as the European Union countries open their markets.

It is widely known that Europe lacks workforce, making the entrance of workers increasingly easier. On the other hand, people in BiH have a strong desire to go and to work in one of the EU member states.

Gallup’s research reveals the number of people in BiH who want to move and this is definitely the biggest alarm for the local authorities, BiznisInfo writes.

According to the research, 32 percent of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to leave the country.

The percentage of the highly educated population who wants to leave BiH is as much as 40 percent. But what is particularly worrying is that 57 percent of young people, aged 15 to 29, want to leave BiH.

This means that if all the young people who wanted to leave from BiH actually leave, the population of our country, in the long run, would be more than halved.

According to a Gallup survey, which has covered nearly half a million people in 152 countries, BiH is 6th worst state in the world when it comes to the population who want to leave. In the first place is Sierra Leone from which 78% of young people want to leave, followed by Liberia, Haiti, El Salvador, Nigeria,  etc.

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