Barth: USAID Remains in Balkans Dedicated to Improve the Lives of its Inhabitants

usaidUSAID Mission toB&H organized last night in Sarajevo a reception on the occasion of a two-day conference of directors of USAID mission in Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Director of USAID Mission toB&H David Barth pointed out that the conference was very productive and a number of issues that are common for the countries in the region were discussed but also those that are specific for particular countries. He stated that he is very optimistic about the future and that the citizens of B&H are full of energy and passion that USAID wants to support.

The most important conclusion of the conference is that USAID is committed to this region and will continue to be presen there, and to cooperate with all partners who want a better life for the citizens of the region– stated Barth.

(Source: Fena)

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