Banks from the FBiH placed 1.2 billion BAM of Loans to the RS

A total of 54 organization parts of banks from the FBH that are part of seven banks from that BH entity operate in the RS, and they placed loans in the amount of one billion and 217.2 million BAM or 20.32 % of total loans placed in the RS in the first nine months of 2017.

These loans were increased by 10 % in comparison to the end of 2016, when they amounted to 1 billion and 107.5 million BAM and made 19.5 % of total loans, according to the Banking Agency of the RS.

Organizational parts of banks from the FBiH collected total deposits in the RS in the amount of 719.2 million BAM or 12 % of total deposits of banking sector with a growth rate of 6 %.

In the banks of the RS, according to the ownership structure of capital, private capital accounts for 99 %, and the share of the RS is only 1 %.

The dominant position in the ownership structure of the banking sector of the RS still belongs to Austria with a share of 33.93 % and with majority capital in two banks, and Italy with a share of 15.09 % (with a majority capital in one bank).

There are two more banks in majority private ownership of domestic shareholders and a total of 23.51 % of the total share capital of the banking sector refers on them.

One bank is in the majority ownership of Slovenian shareholders and one in Serbian shareholders and they participate in the total capital with 21. 21 %, while one bank is in the majority ownership of shareholders from the US with the share of 2. 49 % in the total capital of the banking sector.

(Source: klix.ba)

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