Banja Terme Ilidža: Oasis of Health in the Sarajevo Valley

banja_ilidzaIn the Sarajevo valley, eight kilometers from the center of Sarajevo, is the famous spa called Banja Terme Ilidža, whose name was derived from the Turkish world “iladž”, which means cure. Located 2 kilometers from the international airport of Sarajevo, around 20 kilometers from the Olympic mountains Igman and Bjelašnica, and surrounded by a beautifully landscaped park and the famous ‘Velika Aleja’, the spa here is a place where healing and vacation can be ideally combined.

The first traces of the use of thermal waters for medicinal purposes dates back to the time of the Romans, and during the rule of the Austro-Hungarians in BiH the first expert analysis of the healing thermal waters in Ilidža were done. The first spas emerged during that period, and with time the hotels were built, which today are part of the society of hotels of Ilidža. In addition to hotels Terme, Herzegovina, Crystal, Austria, Bosna, the camp Oaza, restaurant Labud, and the spa-rehabilitation center Banja Terme Ilidža is also part of the society of hotels.

This spa is a modern resort, which was visited in the last period by many tourists who come here for vacation and to relax.

Above all, Banja Terme has a tradition as a center that cures not only with thermal waters, but also with other aspects of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and it is suitable for patients with certain health problems.

Banja Terme is made up of 500 beds in single, double and triple rooms and apartments in the category of 4 stars, and modern patient rooms with special beds and bathrooms for disabled people.

What attracts people to Banja Termse is the thermo sulphurous water with a temperature of 57,5 Celsius.

The environment in which the spa is surrounded is very green, with lots of trees and walking space, space for cycling, and is a suitable area for sports teams, and organizing accommodation for groups and team building.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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