Band “Otisak” Presented the Spot “Biram”

otisakLast night the Sarajevo band Otisak represented the first video for their second single “Biram” (I Choose).

Although, they are only at the beginning of their career, this young band has decided to record a video for their second song “Biram”.  The video is created by Arnej Misirlić.  The music for the song is done by Goran Đemidžić and Zlatan Avdagić, the author of the text is Goran Đemidžić, and the song is recorded at the studio Vakat.

The band was created in 2009 and since the beginning they were oriented on playing cover songs of good old rock music from Ex-Yugoslavia and foreign rock. The band has changed its initial composition and the current members are: Zlatan Avdagić (solo guitar), Goran Đemidžić (bass guitar), Ademir Ćimić (drums), Kerim Kraljić (rhythm guitar) and Ena Hasanović (vocals).

Last year after they presented the first song Infero” band is dedicated to create their own music and distinctive pop-rock sound in order to find their originality. They hope that with their first music spot the audience will recognize their hard work, enjoy their sounds, and to support them in further musical career.

The band this year is in  finals of Jäger Music Night and these days are preparing for their first duel in the battle for the first place in the competition.

(Source: klix.ba)

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