Ban on Animal Breeding for Fur came into Force

January 4, 2018 8:00 AM

The ban on animal breeding for fur technically came into force on January 1, this year, and the House of Representatives will decide whether it will stay in force on one of the first sessions in 2018.

This means that fur farms that continue to work until the final decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH are working illegally. In case that the House of Representatives decides to extend the deadline for the entry into force of the ban by the year of 2028, that will disturb the legal security of this country, if we consider that the aforementioned deadline would be extended when the same one is already in force.

The Coalition Without Fur stated that it is clear that laws cannot be applied retroactively, unless the text of the new law stipulates otherwise. Regarding this, the Coalition will undertake all legal activities to implement the ban on the animal breeding for fur in the upcoming period and thus preserve the legal security of our country.

Moreover, if the House of Representatives extends the deadline by the year of 2028, new farms, from the countries where the ban will come into force, will be moved to BiH as well, especially from the Netherlands and Poland, whose farms are known as large environmental polluters all over the Europe.



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