Balsa Kajevic proclaimed as Student of Generation in Two Schools at the same Time

June 7, 2018 12:00 PM

Graduates of the Primary Music School “Avdo Smailovic” held the final concert on the scene of the Cultural Center. The new generation that successfully completed their primary music education includes 23 students who brought numerous awards and diplomas in the city on Drina River. They also held numerous concerts and took part in marking important events and dates.

The school choir, vocal ensemble and orchestra, as well as students Ajlin Zepcan and Sani Basic, joined the great concert, which is the crown of the unforgettable seven years of their hard work with teachers and professors of the school.

They performed works of world famous composers, and the best students are Vildana Basic and Lejla Omerbegovic, who have been proclaimed for the pride of the generation.

Balsa Kajevic was proclaimed for the student of this generation. He is a boy who attended two schools in two towns, Cajnice and Gorazde. Balsa is equally pride of the music school in Gorazde, as he is the pride of the school in Cajnice, which he attended and achieved great results and brought numerous awards from the competitions held all over BiH and the region. He also brought awards from the competition in Graz in Austria.

All students of Primary Music School “Avdo Smailovic” achieved great success in this school year, according to the director of the school, Selma Verem. She proudly noted that the students of the “Sunny School (Suncana skola)” brought six first, four second and three third place prizes from the competition of young musicians in BiH, the region and Europe.


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