Ballet “Vragolasta Djevojka” Again at the National Theater in Sarajevo After 10 Years

vragolasta_djevojkaThe Ballet show that has inspired romance and ballet art “Vragolasta djevojka”, after ten years will be shown again on 13 and 14 December at the National Theater in Sarajevo.

The choreography and libretto for the revival of “Vragolasta djevojka” of the composer Ferdinand Herold and Peter Ludwig Hertel is done by Vasiliy Medvedev.

This ballet consists of three acts of the comedy genre and will be performed in two acting divisions where the main roles will be played by Nataša Pavlović and Tamara Ljubičić (Liza), Mihail Mateescu and Boris Vidaković (Colas), Evgeny Gaponko and  Adnan Đindo.

This show will be performed with the participation of the Sarajevo philharmonic orchestra.

The first version of the ballet “Vragolasta djevojka” was performed under a different title in 1789 in Bordeaux with the choreography of Jean Dauberval, according to his libretto and musical background of 55 French poets. The title “Vragolasta djevojka” began to be used in 1791, when the ballet was performed at the Royal Theater Pantheon in London.


(Source: Fena)

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