Balkan (Con) Text Conversation with Doruntina Basha

01(1)The second Balkan (Con) Text conversation within 53 International Theater Festival MESS is held at the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts of B&H. This time, media and fans of Theater Arts had the opportunity to talk to Doruntina Basha, the author of the play “Prst” (Finger), which amazed Sarajevo audience, at the National Theater.

Considering the fact that the young generation of dramatists write a lot about war themes, Doruntina Basha said that her first intention was not to write about Kosovo, but the impact of the war is enormous in Kosovo society: “A small number of people took part in the conflict, and the public, generally does not like the war themes, but when you look at the all monuments in Priština, it is obvious that the war is still mainstream”.

The theme of the festival is happiness and hope, and the author from Kosovo stated that the play “Prst” definitely fits into the theme. “I think the show really fits into the context of the festival where the theme is happiness and hope. I think that the play offers hope at the very end, when the two main protagonists, despite the major conflicts, continue to work on their relationship and to overcome the differences”, concluded Basha.

(Source: Press MESS Festival)

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