Bakir Izetbegović hosts the Ambassador of China 

chinsChairman of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegović hosted the Ambassador of the People’s Republic China to BiH Chen Bo.

Izetbegović and Chen Bo assessed that bilateral relations of the two countries are good, with the tendency of their further improvement, especially in the field of economic cooperation.

Ambassador of China pointed to the importance of the conclusion of contract between China and BiH regarding the construction of Block 7 in the Thermal Power Plant Tuzla, confirming once again her personal belief in the perspective of the project. She added that this is certainly the biggest project between BiH and China this year.

Chairman Izetbegović said that BiH is looking forward to the continuation of strong development and economic growth of China, stating that Ambassador Chen Bo has contributed to the establishment of enviable relations between BiH and China.

Izetbegović also greeted the signing of the contract on construction of the Block 7 in TPP Tuzla, expressing belief that this is the beginning of even stronger joint cooperation in implementation of infrastructure projects.

Izetbegović expressed satisfaction with the progress of BiH in terms of European integration, asking from the Ambassador Chen Bo to help in preventing that progress from being shadowed by “unconstitutional activity of the authorities in RS regarding the implementation of the announced referendum”.

Ambassador Bo emphasized that Chinese authorities are carefully monitoring the development of situation in BiH and that China will remain unconditionally devoted to the preservation of territorial integrity and unity of BiH and continue advocating for stability in BiH, adding that their stance will remain unchanged and be a foundation for further mutual cooperation.

(Source: klix.ba)

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