Baby Boom: Number of Babies born in One Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina surprised many

The “Baby Boom” in Republika Srpska made many people smile on Thursday morning.

“32 – this is the most positive and joyful number lately. So many babies were born on Thursday. We are richer by 17 girls and 15 boys,” ATV reported.

There were 16 births in the Banja Luka maternity hospital, and the cries of 17 newborns were heard, Radio Sarajevo reports.

The experienced midwife Gordana Bednas helped them to come into the world. She has 40 years of work experience behind her, and the story is, it has never been more challenging to work than in the time of coronavirus.

“This is a specific time, which means we are not used to it, but we have to get used to it because the question is how long this will last and what awaits us. We, thank God, have not had positive cases at the Gynecology so far, “said Gordana Bednas.

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