Azerbaijan to send 40,000 Doses of Vaccines

The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, has decided to donate 40,000 “AstraZeneca” vaccines to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Tajikistan, and will deliver them at the beginning of next week.

On July 19, company AZAL will deliver 40,000 vaccines to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a day later it will deliver the same amount to Tajikistan.

The Federation of BiH Crisis Staff revealed earlier this week that 286,319 doses of vaccine were given from March 8th to July 11th. The first dose vaccinated 172,661 people, and the second 113,658 people in FBiH.

Bosnia and Herzegovina should receive about 700,000 doses of “Pfizer” vaccines in the next 15 days. Among them are half a million (503,100) doses of vaccines – donations from the USA, which arrive in our country through “Covax” mechanism, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced via Twitter. 

The World Bank sends 100,629 doses, also through the Covax mechanism, and 95,940 doses of “Pfizer” vaccines will be delivered through the “EU for Health” fund. Expressed as a percentage, this donation, which arrives by the end of this month, could be sufficient for vaccination (two doses each) – ie full immunization of about 11% of the BiH population.

Yesterday, 120,000 AstraZeneca vaccines arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are a donation from Greece to our country.
The information was published by Dusan Kojic, Assistant Minister in the Health Sector of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH.

It was announced earlier that a total of 332,870 doses of three different vaccines will arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina this week, and for the first time we will receive doses of Moderna.

These vaccines come from the EU4Health mechanism and as donations from other countries.

A total of 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca should arrive, and the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs in previous bilateral contacts sought the assistance of partner countries to donate vaccines against COVID-19, to which Greece and Denmark responded and offered AstraZeneca vaccines.

Moderna vaccines that are arriving in BiH for the first time were donated to us by Croatia, where citizens are largely vaccinated with these doses. Pfizer arrives under the EU4Health mechanism, Klix.ba writes

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