Average Net Salary in Republika Srpska enough for half of Consumer Basket

The average net salary in Republika Srpska entity paid in October was 964 BAM and by one convertible mark it was lower than the average salary paid in September.

In the regular monthly report, the Federation of Trade Unions of RS states that the highest average salary of 1,451 BAM in October was paid in the field of financial activities and insurance, and the lowest in the field of construction – 664 BAM.

Last month, low average salaries were received by workers in the arts, entertainment and recreation, 742 BAM, employees in administrative and support service activities – 752 BAM, as well as workers in the provision of accommodation, food preparation and serving, hotels and restaurants, whose average salary in September was 722 BAM.

Employees in the transport and storage industry also received low salaries of 746 BAM, as well as 750 BAM in trade.

The trade union consumer basket in Republika Srpska in October cost 1,951.18 BAM, and the average salary of 964 BAM covered it with 49.41%.

The union’s consumer basket includes the costs of food, housing and utilities, current household maintenance, and clothing and footwear, hygiene and health care, transportation, education and culture. In October, families in RS spent the most money on food 727.90 BAM, on housing and communal services 591.50 BAM and on current household maintenance 105.40 BAM. Procurement of footwear and clothing last month cost 152.30 BAM, hygiene and health care 91.20, transportation 200.23 and education and culture 82 BAM.

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