Avdo Rapa: The most important economic event is the construction of subsections on Corridor 5C

Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH Avdo Rapa said that the most important event in 2012 in business sector was the beginning of the construction of subsections on Corridor 5C (Vlakovo-Lepenica and Suhodol-Tarčin)

Rapa said the opening of the section of ”Prevent” in Goražde is another important business event in 2012, as well as the building of the Bloc 7 of the thermal power plant ”Tuzla”.

”In 2013 we expect the intensification of work on the construction of Highway on Corridor 5-C and also in the energy sector”, said Rapa to FENA

He added that these large investment projects will give more jobs to construction, material manufacturing, services, commerce, etc., resulting in the growth of overall GDP and GDP per capita.

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