Avdica Mosque in Plana: Stone Beauty in a Wasteland

April 25, 2017 2:30 PM

Avdica mosqueThere is no bigger wasteland in our country than the one when you go several kilometers from Stolac to the east towards Bileca. Stone, abandoned fields, ruined houses and only a car or two that spoil the image of the abandoned land. When you lose your patience, after about an hour of driving, you will be able to see the loneliest mosque in our country – Avdica mosque in Plana.

The mosque is not visible from the main road until the low vegetation of Herzegovinian karst does not turn green, and then you will be able to see only the minaret. If you do not know that there is a mosque, we are sure that you will think about something else.

The rectangular minaret does not resemble on any of our other mosques. Later, when you get down into the valley and see the entire building and the harem that surrounds it, you are then aware of what you are actually looking.

The fate of the mosque in this stone environment has never been easy, and it was destroyed several times, and the last war did not spare it as well. It was destroyed by bandits from the coastal area for the first time, but the mosque was renovated in 1795.

It was demolished again back in 1941 and it waited for renovation for 20 years. It was completely destroyed in the last war, and it was renovated back in 2013. It was protected as a valuable cultural and historical object back in 1952, and it was declared as the national monument of BiH about 10 years ago.

The mosque was built of stone, with unusual rectangular minaret made of roughly-cut stone, with the height of 11 meters. Although there were similar buildings once in the eastern Herzegovina, minaret attracts attention with its shape, almost as the picture of a restored building in the abandoned space.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)


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