This is what Autumn looks like in BiH!

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Although the fall started on September 23, its colors are visible only now. After cloudy and rainy days the sun has finally come, and the nature started wearing its autumn attire.

Sidewalks and streets are covered with leaves in different colors, and trees are slowly losing the leaves and preparing for the winter. Citizens take advantage of the sunny days to walk and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

People of Sarajevo yesterday enjoyed the sun and temperatures of 15 degrees, spending the day in parks and cafes, drinking coffee in the gardens.

Temperature was a bit higher in Tuzla and the citizens spent the day next to the lake. The bravest ones even took a bath.

People of Banja Luka also enjoyed a walk in the parks, but not the sun because yesterday the weather in Banja Luka was mostly cloudy with occasional sun intervals. It was a bit colder than in the other parts of BiH, with a daily temperature of 13 degrees.

In Zenica and Maglaj people spend the autumn days walking in parks colored in autumn colors.

Citizens of BiH will enjoy the sunny period until Wednesday, when clouds and rain will come back again.

(Source: klix.ba)

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