Autumn Imperial Decoration awarded to Branislav Crnogorac

On Wednesday 10 March, the conferment ceremony for the Autumn Imperial Decoration of 2020 was held at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan to BiH, during which this prestigious decoration was awarded to Prof. Dr. Branislav Crnogorac, President of the Judo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The decoration titled “Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays” was awarded to Prof. Dr. Crnogorac for his efforts in widely popularising judo both as a competitive sport, and as an aspect of traditional Japanese culture to the citizens and youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through his efforts in the field, he has dedicated his career in making judo one of the most established martial arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, training many young leaders, which has in turn broadened and deepened bilateral relations between Japan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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