Autumn Idyll in Zeljezno Polje is Pleasure for Your Eyes and Soul! (Gallery)

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A settlement called Zeljezno Polje is placed from the foot of Manjaca Mountains towards the valley of Bosna River on the territory of Zepce.

Zeljezno Polje is known for years for its agriculture – growing raspberries and beekeeping.

Today when we think of Zeljezno Polje, we remember the fate of a small town that has suffered terrible damage during the floods back in 2014. Roads were crumbling, water flood was taking everything, and the residents of the area had to be evacuated.

Floods left huge scar to this place that residents still cannot forget.

Zeljezno Polje is really special for its natural resources. You will rest your eyes and soul if you take a look at the beautiful autumn photo gallery by Denis Hadzic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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