The Automotive Industry of the FBiH employs 10,000 People

February 12, 2018 12:30 PM

The automotive industry of the FBiH employs more than 10,000 workers. Moreover, this industry also provides a large number of indirect workplaces through its supply chains.

The most important partner for this industry is Germany, and we have great relationship with that country, and the Group opened its office there last year as well.

If we consider world trends in the automotive industry, and especially the increasingly important share of the production of electric vehicles, it is important to preserve the connection and deal with the changes, as stated from the Chamber.

Members of the Group stated that an important step forward was made towards the systematic approach to the development of the automotive industry in BiH.

The realization of the Development Project of the Automotive Industry of the FBiH started in 2017, with which was secured stronger presence of the Group in the market of Germany.

The main promotional goal and main tool for strengthening and development of the automotive industry of BiH should be realization of activities defined by the project through the maximum use of the office of the Group in Wolfsburg.

According to estimates of leaders of BH automotive industry, the exhibition at the Volkswagen Fair IZB 2018 in October this year, will offer large opportunities to our companies to gain new knowledge and business partners through conversation with potential partners and an insight into different innovative solutions.




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