Author of the Map of Besieged Sarajevo Fikret Logic: There is more and more People who do not know Their History

April 6, 2017 8:30 AM

Sarajevo siegeFikret Logic is a former employee of PE Geodetic Institute, where he spent most of his working life on jobs of thematic cartography. Aware that people are likely to forget things, he decided to make a map of besieged Sarajevo with the border of the siege, the list of urbicide and massacre as well as other data.

“My goal was to make a map of besieged Sarajevo. In order to cover the lines of siege, I made a map of the city which includes settlements Faletici, Blazuj, Vogosca and Hrasnica. When I finally made it, I had the problem to put borders of the siege, because who am I to do it on my own. However, I saw Al Jazeera’s project ‘The siege of Sarajevo 1991 – 1996’ by chance and I contacted the guys who were doing it. They gave me the approval to put the information on the massacres and urbicide on the map,” said Fikret, who used coordinates for easier finding.

He decided to make the map of besieged Sarajevo because he realized that there is more and more of those who do not know their own history.

“I have two sons. The older one, who is 27 years old now, was wounded in the war. I asked him if he knew where was the first war line and the borders of the siege and he did not know. And we spent the entire war in Mojmilo, where the first line of war was located,” said Fikret.

He noted that the essence of the story is not to forget.

“When you write something, someone will read it or not, but when you see a picture of something you are more likely to remember it. If you forget, it is going to happen again, especially young people, because you are children of the Internet where people are planting you everything,” stated Fikret.

He expressed the hope that the authorities will recognize the importance of this project, and he would love if this map is displayed in schools, museums, the Tourist Board, the Canton of Sarajevo, but also in the Great Park next to the Monument to the killed children of Sarajevo, in order for citizens and visitors of Sarajevo to see, learn and better understand the siege of Sarajevo.

The siege of Sarajevo lasted for a total of 1,425 days. The citizens were left without food, water, electricity, and other energy sources. The enemy was at every top in the vicinity of Sarajevo and they did not hesitate to shoot at civilians, especially children. A total of 11 541 people were killed, of whom 1,600 were children. More than 50,000 people were injured.

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