Austria: Most citizenship given to B&H citizens?

Countries of the European Union had given 810.500 new citizenships in the year 2010, which is according to the European Statistical Agency ”Eurostat”, 4% more.

According to the research of new citizens of the European Union, the first place for granting citizenships is Britain, which granted citizenship to 195,000 people, followed by France with 143,000, Spain with 123,700 and Germany with 105,000 granted citizenship.

These countries also approved the 70% of the new citizenship right granted in 27 different countries of the European Union. In the press release ”Eurostat” states an increase of four percent in 2010, which was mainly caused by a larger number of citizenships granted in Spain (123 700), which a year earlier had granted citizenship to 79,000 people.

The largest number of citizenship in Great Britain was granted to Indian and Pakistani people, while in France, the largest number of citizenship goes to Morocco and Algeria. In Spain, the largest number goes to ex- citizens of Ecuador and Columbia, and the largest number of German citizenship is granted to Turks. The largest number of new citizens in Austria comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by Turkey, Serbia and Croatia.

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