Austraian Airlines marks 20 Years od existence in BiH

austrian airlinesThe first service that was provided by the company Austrian Airlines in Sarajevo was realized on March 31st , 1997. Austrian Airlines has during the past 20 years remained a reliable partner for business and tourist travelers and continuously increased range of services between the capital of BiH and the terminal of Austrian Airlines to Vienna.

“In 1997, Austrian Airlines began to offer its services with approximately 450 flights a year. Today, Austrian Airlines offers up to two flights a day, or about 1,300 flights during the year between Sarajevo – Vienna,” explains Sales Manager at Lufthansa the Group for Central and South-East Europe Peter Pullen.

Thanks to its geographical situation in the heart of Europe, the terminal of Austrian Airlines at the International Airport of Vienna is an ideal link between the East and the West.

Austrian Airbus, which also operates between Sarajevo and Vienna, has internet connection on board and in early April, “myAustrian Flynet” will allow passengers to surf the Internet in flight using their own mobile devices.

Austrian Ambassador to BiH Martin Pammer said that Austria is proud of this airline, although it is not a wholly-owned Austrian.
At a time when the line from Sarajevo to Vienna was established, Valentin Inzko was Austrian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, recalled the time after the war in BiH.
“There were no trams, electricity had not been established and airline was not a priority, but it happened in 1997. Although initially it was possible to fly from Mostar and Banja Luka airports, later these lines are canceled because there were not enough passengers, ” says High Representative Inzko.


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