Aunt Zilha on 1 Million BAM Donation for Soup Kitchens

March 21, 2018 11:00 AM

Users of the Soup kitchen “Stari Grad” will no longer receive only half of the bread from today, but the whole bread, and they will also receive milk every Wednesday. This was realized thanks to the great humanitarian Agan Hodzic who left great amount of money to this soup kitchen, Merhamet and the Red Cross of FBiH in his will.

“Agan was visiting us until 2014, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. He used to give part of his money that was determined for poor according to religious rules here, to observe the situation and drink his coffee. He was a modest man and when he entered the soup kitchen for the first time I thought that he was coming to ask for something and not to give. He was always giving a nice amount of money, but I never asked about him. I found out who he was when I received the call from the public notary and he told us that he passed away and left us the money – a third of a million BAM. The main condition is that it has to be spent on food, and the execution of the testament will be supervised by the agent,” stated Aunt Zilha.

They have already received 270,000 BAM, and they will get another 20,000 or 30,000 BAM in the next tranche. The first decision that Aunt Zilha made with the consent of the board and the agent for the execution of the testament was to increase the quantity of food that is given to their users. Besides the regular food that they share, and for which they receive funds from cantonal services (half of a bread and 750 grams of meat and dry food for the weekend), now they will give milk every Wednesday, they will increase the amount of fruit, and they already distributed some coffee, sugar and oil. The most important change is that users will no longer get just half of a bread, but a whole bread.

“These funds will be sufficient until the New Year. We have to do everything in the way our donor wanted. We agreed to make 300 packages that we will send to the village of Kovinj, where Agan was born. He helped all these places during the war as well. This is a great and positive story,” said Aunt Zilha.

“I cannot even describe my feelings when I heard that he left all of this money to people who wait in front of our doors. I felt that man in my very soul. It is as if I were looking at him right now, just sitting in the corner with his French hat and a cane,” noted Aunt Zilha.

She sent a message to all people in a state of social need that there is enough food and that they only need to sign up to get a card in the headquarters of social services.

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