Audience Enjoyed Stand-up Comedy Performance of ‘Man’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe stand up comedy tour ‘Man’ by Pedja Bajović took place in Tuzla, Zavidovići and Gračanica.

The tour was symbolically launched from the Tuzla Theatre Kabare on Tuesday 20 August, through Zavidovići and Gračanica and arrived in Zenica, where tonight the mission to amuse the public will continue in Jazz Club.

Interest for stand-up comedy in B&H is growing, and the public that already had a ahcen to see Bajović and other stand-up comedians was joined by a large number of people that are watching this type of performance for the first time.

The prolonged applause and smiles from the audience after watching ‘Man’ was escorted from Tuzla, Zavidovići and Gračanica with a simple message from the public-to return as soon as possible.

Tour organizers have organized for September a new tour of stand-up comedy, and ‘Man’ is continuing with its performance tonight in Zenica, and on Saturday in Višegrad on Sunday in Čačak.

After this stand up tour, people from Tuzla will have the chance in September to enjoy and to try out their own stand-up comedy performances in the evening, which the organizers prepared through ‘open mic’ and the team of B&H stand-up comedians.

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