Attraction in BiH: Photo Safari in the Nature Park Hutovo Blato

Silent electric engines for photo safaris and bird watching are a novelty that the nature park “Hutovo Blato” will introduce this year, and they expect this season to be a record when it comes to visits.

From the public institution that is managing the park said they have more than 3,000 visitors from BiH and abroad every year, and they expect this number to be much higher. Director of PE ”Hutovo Blato” Nikola Zovko said that photo safari has become a brand recognizable in BiH, regional countries and even beyond.

“With the introduction of ecological, silent motors, we will enhance our offer that makes us different from others. I believe we will attract even more visitors and bird researchers,” stated Zovko.

For the beginning, they got two such vehicles, and their intention is that all boats are like that.

Zovko added that photo safari lasts for about 45 minutes and goes through 5 kilometers of untouched nature. Park has four large boats at its disposal, each up to 25 people, three small boats with the capacity of up to four people, eight bikes, and three canoes, as well as guides on local, English and Italian language.

Hutovo Blato is one of the largest bird winter spots in Europe. It belongs to the municipalities of Capljina and Stolac, and it covers an area of swamps, plains and mountainous terrain, with the elevation between 1 and 432 meters, and it covers an area of 7,411 hectares.

PE ” Hutovo Blato ” was founded back in 1995, and its activities are based on the protection, promotion, and use of space for sustainable development primarily through tourism and fishing.


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