Attraction for All: Ecological Train from Bentbasa to Kozija Cuprija is planned

After a part of the Bentbasa area was taken over by Cantonal Public Utility (CPU) for protected areas, by the decision of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Assembly, municipal waste was handled, and now the arrangement of this area is expected.

“A number of activities is planned, which are aimed at preserving natural values ​​and a pleasant stay of visitors in this area,” said Mustafa Zvizdic, expert associate for promotion and marketing of CPU for protected areas.

The area of ​​the Protected landscape of Bentbasa is 160.9 hectares. The plan is to put in operation an ecological train, which would drive from Bentbasa to Kozija Cuprija, which would be an attraction for the younger population. A mobilier, children’s requisites, bicycles for renting and holiday cottages will be set up.

“Supervisors will also be present and video surveillance will be installed, since we will not allow further devastation of the protected space,” Zvizdic said.



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