At the Zoo “Pionirska Dolina” Many New Animals

pionirskaPionirska Dolina” these days has become home to numerous new animals, and by the end of the year are expected more of them.

“The flock of lamas is enriched with two new lama, recently they have got three new swans, and little goats”, said for Fena, Professional Assistant for Information of Cantonal Public Companies“Park”, Aldijana Hamza.

Pionirska Dolina” from March2013, after 20 years, re-inhabited the king of animalslion, aged 3.5 years.

“Young Lion is the attraction of our green oasis and it is already “the ruler” and showing its beauty and grace to visitors. Normally at this time of the day, the lion stays longer on the racing spot and it fully adapted to the new living environment”, said Hamza.

The ZooPionirska Dolina” has 42species, and none of the species do not originate from the extremely cold areas, so that all animals, with a regular and daily care of veterinary service, they can  very well tolerate summer temperatures, especially animals from Africa lion, antelope and zebras.

Also,13 new animalskangaroos, alpaca, mare and guanaco are very well being adapted to the new living space.

SarajevoPionirska Dolina” is the only zoo in BiH. Green oasis is a place for all ages, and especially for parents with children where, they can spent few hours in a pleasant and green location, isolated from the city noise. The arrival of a lion and the new animals(kangaroo, alpaca,mare and guanacos) made theZoo” even more interesting, especially for the youngest visitors.


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