Astronomical Society Orion wants to rent the Tower, they need Financial Assistance

After the Astronomical Society Orion publicly talked against the decision of the Municipality of Stari Grad to rent the Bistrik Tower, i.e. turn it into a catering facility, the Municipality decided to support Orion only in case they find money needed for the renovation of the facility. It seems that Orion will agree.

To recall, Orion criticised the decision of the Municipality of Stari Grad to turn the former Observatory into a “tavern”, while there is an idea for restoration of its old function.

“We are satisfied that public pressure succeeded and Mr. Hadzibajric offered a solution, although it is unpopular and seems almost unrealistic. However, the Astronomical Society Orion decided to agree with this kind of settlement with the aim to protect our Observatory and science in Sarajevo, BiH and the region,” stated the Astronomical Society Orion.

The Astronomical Society published more than 30 books, publications, stellar maps and posters over several decades of work. We are still unsurpassed in this field when it comes to the territory of the former state. The generations of professionals and amateurs learned their first astronomical steps from books published in Sarajevo.

“There is nothing left to us but to sign the Agreement on the lease of this space and to do our best to collect the money needed for its complete revitalization and to return its original purpose and function. We will inform every one on our next steps in the upcoming days, and the first step will be the continuation of a public and very loud campaign that will be organized with the support of public figures from BiH and the region, as well as the support of professionals from all around the world. We are planning to initiate all the tools for international fundraising with the aim to collect the necessary amount,” as noted from Orion.

They also noted that they will make pressure on all state institutions that have been ignoring the Observatory as an important scientific center for BiH and the region for years, but also as strategically important institutions for the development of education as well as tourism in Sarajevo and our country.

“We are struggling since 1992 and we are hoping that it will be finished soon, positively for us and all residents of our city and state,” as stated from Orion.

(Source: klix.ba)



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