How Astronauts of NASA see BiH from Space?

1-bluemarble_westHere are some of the photographs taken by NASA astronauts from the International Space Station.








14413229615_a39f69cb61_oThis photograph which shows Olovo and Krivaja River was taken during the 23rd expedition in March 2010.





5428850696_dedf5991ba_oThis photograph of Sarajevo was taken on one night in February, in 2011.






14226708998_f1897f23ee_oThis is the photograph of Sarajevo taken in May 2013. It was taken by members of the 36th expedition on the International Space Station.





untitledThe Dinara mountain range extends to the south from the Alps in Slovenia, through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, to northern Albania. It is one of the least known and explored mountain ranges in Europe.







bih-from-space“Hello Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think I can see Sarajevo, can you,” wrote Samantha Cristoforetti, first female astronaut from Italy on the International Space Station.





untitledThis photo shows Bosnia and Herzegovina surrounded by the countries of the region. This satellite image was taken in late August 2012.






(Source: ba.n1info.com/photo: NASA)

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