Association of Technical Inspection of FB&H Proposes Periodic Control of Exhaust Gases

GP0X1GThe Association of Technical Inspection of the FB&H Chamber of Commerce proposed to the competent authorities to urgently adopt legislation that would introduce periodic testing of exhaust emissions from automobiles. They say that this would serve as preventive action to reduce air pollution in the cities.

In a statement, the Association notes that technical inspection stations have spent significant funds to obtain new equipment and fully meet the requirements for the measurement of exhaust gases by current standards.

As a complement to current applicable procedures, the Association has proposed and sought from the relevant industries introduction of periodic testing of exhaust gases of motor vehicles popularly known as eco-test and it would be implemented in full capacity.

The results of the emission control for the approval tests of the vehicles, which is required to be done by the vehicle manufacturer, is not comparable with periodic testing of exhaust gases performed by the user of the vehicle. These are different types of tests, whose final common goal is a cleaner exhaust.

The Association offered various proposals with a accompanying elaborate for the introduction of eco-tests, but despite the good will of the FB&H Ministry of Transport and Communication, this has not come about yet.

(Source: Fena)

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