Assembly of Canton Sarajevo adopted a Draft Budget for 2015

canton sarajevo assemblyDelegates of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo accepted a Draft budget amendments of Canton Sarajevo (CS) for 2015 that amounts to 689.200.000 BAM and is increased for 13.3 million BAM, and is submitted to the public discussion lasting 30 days, and after that a report will be submitted to the Assembly.

After numerous criticism and questions of the delegates of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo  for a Draft Budget of CS for 2015, the Prime Minister of CS, Elmedin Konakovic, rejected insinuations of some delegates and emphasized that there was no pressure on the adoption of this draft budget. He reminded that after starting a function of the Prime Minister, he focused on the reform processes that are in a close-up of the Government of CS, as he presented in his keynote speech.

Thus it was proposed for a Draft budget to amount to 689.200.000 BAM and is increased by 13.3 million BAM. Draft budget is consisted of uncovered accumulated deficit from the previous years in the amount of 64.827.700 BAM that will be covered by the planned surplus in the next two years in accordance with the Article 43 of the Budget Law of FB&H.

By the planned budget, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of CS, will get a bigger financial support in the amount of 1.9 million BAM, Court of CS, the Municipal court and the Prosecutor’s Office will get more than 1 million BAM, education sector 3.5 million BAM, and 3 million BAM were provided for the execution of court decisions.

The session of the Assembly was interrupted, and the Collegium of CS will decide about its continuation.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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