AS Roma Captain sends emotional Message to Parents of deceased Boy Eman Salic


Young boy Eman Salic lost his battle with a serious illness, and Edin Dzeko said him goodbye in an emotional message.

“Dear Eman, we should met in less than a year. Unfortunately, you were prevented by the disease and you had to stay in the hospital bed. Instead, we sent a video message to each other. I remember it as being yesterday. They told me that you were very happy and that you were smiling all day. I also remember that it was a beautiful day, sunny! Today is a similar day, at least as far as the weather is concerned, but for me it is gloomy, black, because I heard the news about your premature death. I have not been able to tell you how proud I am of you, brave little child, who fought against vicious diseases. You have been and remain my inspiration, and I will never forget your gentle smile and playful eyes. I can’t even imagine the pain of your parents, and your struggle was heroic. Now, you have gone to a better world, where nothing else will hurt you, and you have left us with the memory of a big, brave and persistent boy who had a heart as big as the whole world. May it be a blessing to your little soul, and I want a patience to your family,” said the captain of the AS Roma and the Bosnian national team.



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