Artistic Exhibition on the Occasion of the Statehood Day of BiH

b_161124150An exhibition on the occasion of the Statehood Day of BiH, November 25, by the Association of Fine Art Artists of BiH (ULU BiH) was opened last night in the gallery Collegium Artisticum in Sarajevo, and will be opened for ten days.

Two hundred works from the fields of drawing, painting, sculpting, graphics, installations and photography are presented at the 69th exhibition.

The exhibition was opened by Professor Besim Spahić, who said that artists from BiH demonstrated that they respect the country and that they work without divisions.

“Art is something that cannot be divided, no matter where you come from,” said Spahić.

Academic sculptor Fuad Topčagić, who has been exhibiting his works for over three decades, said that this year’s exhibition is one of the best ones so far and that artists presented their favorite works.

In the next ten days, visitors will have the opportunity to evaluate the exhibition and choose the best work. Secretary of the ULU BiH Denis Jejina explained that they can do so by writing the name of the artist on a paper and put it in a box intended for that purpose.

ULU BiH has been organizing the review exhibition since 1947, when significant BiH artists Ismet Mujezinović, Vojo Dimitrijević, Mica Todorović, Vojo Hadžidamjanović, Roman Petrović, Behaudin Selmanović, Sigo Sumereker, Petar Šain and Hakija Kulenović established this association.


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