‘’Art of touch’’- the motto of the 29th ‘’Sarajevo Winter’’ Festival

December 18, 2012 4:28 PM

International Festival Sarajevo ” Sarajevo Winter” together with the Astronomic Association ” ORION” Sarajevo and the host of the event Primary school ” Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević” will organize a public sky sighting in order to decode the answers hidden  in the stars of the Mayan prophesy.

On that occasion, the International Festival Sarajevo ” Sarajevo Winter” will together with the ”ORION” Association present the constellation of the cosmic designer Davor Papić who tries with his art works to introduce the art of touch. At this public event, the president of the Association will talk about the astronomic aspects of the Mayan prophesy.

The president of the jury of the audience at the 28th International Festival ” Sarajevo Winter”, Professor Tomislav Išek will pronounce the best achievements of the Festival in 2012. The director of the Festival, Ibrahim Spahić will open the program of the 29th International Festival ” Sarajevo Winter” in 2013, with the motto: ”Art of touch”.

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