National Gallery warns that 46 Icons are missing from Bosnia

After the scandal with the stolen Ukrainian icon, which was presented to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian head of diplomacy, by Milorad Dodik, the chairman of the Presidency of BiH, the National Gallery of BiH critically pointed out that the authorities and the public were never excited about the 30-year-old news – that 53 works of art had disappeared from the National Gallery of BiH.

“We are informing foreign and domestic experts, as well as other residents of social networks, who have been worrying for days about the origin and fate of the Ukrainian icon that left our country, that eighty icons have been waiting for urgent restoration at the BiH National Gallery, we turned to for help are at all levels of government – some rejected us, some did not even respond. We want to use this opportunity to share with the above information that is almost thirty years old: 53 works of art have disappeared from the holdings of the National Gallery of BiH, of which 46 icons, because of which neither the public nor the competent services were ever excited. Maybe now they will! “, they stated from the National Gallery of BiH on their Facebook profile.

The Gallery has repeatedly pointed out that during the war (1992-1995), under unexplained circumstances, 53 works of art disappeared.

“The disappearance probably happened in the first days of the aggression, and it was confirmed in 1993, when an extraordinary inventory was made.

The disappearance was also reported to INTERPOL. The works have not been found to date, they point out from the National Gallery.

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