Art Festival Javorwood began, providing something for all Generations

The third annual art festival Javorwood, which connects young creative people from the region and give them an opportunity to present their talents, knowledge, and capabilities, began in a mountain atmosphere rich with natural beauty in Javor’s Dol on Bjelasnica.

Javorwood’s PR Ivana Vojinovic noted that putting nature and art together creates a truly full while that’s attractive for people of all ages.

Due to high interest, Javorwood will last three days this year. During those three days, many artists, some of which are DJ Jasmina, Marcus Sur, Hibrid Live, Kosmo i Kiviteri, and Mademoiselle Gabrielle, will present their art. A play “A Fairy Tale about a Fisher and a Fish” for all ages will also be presented.

The entire program of the event can be found here (

“The idea is for all generations to come, so we have diverse programs and really everyone can find someone for themselves. If nothing, it’s great to come up here and cool down,” Ivana said.


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