Art exhibition ”Mali format” at the Gallery ”Roman Petrović” in Sarajevo

In the organization of the Association of artists in B&H, an annual arts exhibition will be opened tomorrow at 19:00 p.m. at the Gallery ”Roman Petrović”.  The annual exhibition will present the achievements in art over the past year under the title ‘’Mali format’’.

This years’ exhibition consists of 71 art works by authors who are all members of the Association of artists of B&H. The art works will be presented to the public in various forms, such as in the form of paintings, graphics, sculpture, installation and many more.

The annual exhibition ‘’Mali format’’ has been the most successful project by the Association of artists. This exhibition, traditionally, will also be presented in other cities of B&H, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia.

The award ‘’Roman Petrović’’, which carries the name of the founder of the Association of artists, will be handed out this year. The winner of this award should organize a free exhibition of art at the Gallery ‘’Roman Petrović’’.

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